The Escape Artist

Teen and Young Adult Fiction

A boy finds himself seeking help from his younger sister after he is forced to make a bet that he cannot possibly win.

Newt’s Third

Teen and Young Adult Fiction

No amount of eye drops or makeup can change my appearance. Not that I’d consider wearing makeup to improve my physical appearance. I stopped caring about the way I looked earlier this year. Jeans and tee shirts are my wardrobe when I’m out of the house. My tattered tank top and ripped shorts if I’m inside, usually recycled from the laundry basket. As long as they pass the sniff test, I’m okay. And if they don’t, I learned a trick. Toss them in the dryer with a fabric softener sheet for a few minutes and they are reborn. Reborn. I wish I could be reborn, from a teenage girl into anything else but a teenage girl.

The Elementals: An Interlude In War

Teen and Young Adult Fiction