• BVON 060521

    The Brews: Weihenstephan Brewery: Korbinian Temblor Brewing Company: Robys boysenberry cobbler  Drekker Brewing Company: Loki is my home boy The Views: Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas The Nerdities: The Oxford Companion to Beer

  • BVON 053021

    The Brews: Energy City Brewing: Bistro Grande – Raspberry and Blackberry Crumble Aslin Beer Company: Cocoa Mostra Drekker Brewing Company: Long Haired Freaky People  Drekker Brewing Company:Braaaaaaaains – Raspberry Mango The Views: Rewatchable Films Aliens This is Spinal Tap The Nerdities: Exploding Beers The Oxford Companion to Beer

  • BVON 052221

    The Brews: Vice Apricot Peach – Wild Barrel Social Growth – Monkish West Coast Galaxy – Monkish Red Poppy – Lost Abbey The Views: American Psycho The Nerdities: Retro video games Cicerone

  • BVON 050821

    Hosted by Leonard Martinez and Gregory The Brews: Dogpatch Sour – Almanac Beer Company Blue Hawaiian – Wild Barrel Brewing Mic Drop – Arrow Lodge Brewing The Views: Invincible The Godfather The Nerdities: Cicerone

  • BVON 050121

    Latest episode of BVON DISCLAIMERS: Apologies but we did not get to the Godfather. Next time! The Brews: #tacohands @Cellarmaker Brewing #puffpastry @Arrowlodge Brewing #blueberrymuffin @Great Notion Brewing #evenmorehopsandmonks @Monkishbrewingco The Views: #creepshow Television Series

  • BVON 042421

    The Brews: Monkish Brewing Company – Ribbidy Diddiby 450 North Brewing Company – Jungle Boogie Slushy XL Bottle Logic Brewing – Tropical Hideaway The Views: Invincible Rosemary’s Baby

  • BVON 040321

    The Brews: Alvarado Street Brewery – Daiquiri Island Slush Strawberry Banana Alvarado Street Brewery – Wave Jammer Adroit Theory Brewing Company – The Death of Civilization in Slow Motion III The Views: Justice League Godzilla vs. Kong First Blood

  • BVON 030621

    The Brews: Coffee Maple Achromatic, WeldWerks Brewing Co. Cocohut, Green Cheek Beer Co. EBK Reborn, Adroit Theory Brewing Company. The Views: Wuthering Heights

  • Brews, Views and Other Nerdities – Episode 2

    This is the second episode of the podcast Brews, Views and Other Nerdities

  • Brews, Views and Other Nerdities – Episode 1

    This is the first episode of the podcast Brews, Views and Other Nerdities