Brief Reaction: Captain America: Civil War (Spoiler Free)

Wow! Marvel once again proves that it knows how to make a super hero movie. And this time it does something that it has had difficulty with in the past: finding the balance between action and story.

You feel like you are going through some mental reprogramming as you expect to find wall to wall action like Age of Ultron. It feels weird at first because you expect something to happen and then it doesn’t.

Instead, it focuses on character development and naturally leads to the conflict and then the action. And once the conflict has been built up, Marvel does what it does best. It unleashes the entertainment as never before. And it does so with an impressive list of super heroes.

Spiderman and Black Panther are scene stealers and this film will act as a vehicle to generate momentum for their upcoming stand-alone movies. This film will definitely benefit from good word of mouth and repeated viewings.



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